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At The Financial Advice Shop we aim to assist with all of your financial planning and financial advice needs. We operate on a fee for service basis but before we will agree to meet with you we will invest some of our time to gather sufficient information to ensure we can add value.

In conjunction with your financial adviser we strive to provide a level of service to our clients consistent with their needs. We have a very strong preference not to accept commissions or other forms of incentive payments so our recommended investments do not include them.  Our fees are based on the services we agree to provide rather than the amount of money you want to invest.

The effort required for initial advice can vary significantly depending on whether circumstances and objectives are simple or complex and there are a number of steps involved in the provision of initial advice. First is to consider the required scope of the advice, identifying your goals and objectives and assessing your financial situation including your tolerance to risk.

Once all necessary information associated with your goals, objectives and circumstances have been gathered, and strategy options considered, your financial adviser we will be in a position to provide an estimate of the fee for the initial advice. Rest assured, our fees are very competitive and we will not prepare written advice and recommendations until you are comfortable to proceed. It is not unusual to meet face to face for an agreed fee, talk by phone a few times or exchange a few emails before we are ready to prepare a written financial plan.

With your agreement, your financial adviser will then prepare your written financial plan and after you review and accept the recommendations we will assist you to implement them.  The final step is to establish a suitable program of ongoing service to regularly review progress and provide ongoing financial advice and service.

We have a range of ongoing financial advice service offerings to suit all types of clients and our fees are based on the service package you choose rather than the amount of money invested. We aim to ensure fees we charge for investments and ongoing service and advice will be lower than those you currently pay although with increased regulation this is not always possible.

Our ongoing service package options are designed to reflect the complexity of circumstances and investments, and the likely requirements to meet with your financial adviser throughout the year to keep your long term financial advice strategy on track.

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